How to fix Poor Digestion

Having good Digestion in your body will make your muscle grow easily with providing all the nutrients what you are eating through out the day for especially to build the muscles. If you want to grow your muscle, you’re eating lot of proteins or even you have calculated all the macros how much you are eating a day then your muscles will grow. But, if you have poor digestion, weak digestion, your body are not capable to digest what you are eating throughout the day then you won’t be able to build muscle as well as loose fat.
Here’s are the best five tips to improve your poor digestion and provide all the nutrients which you want to give to your body :

1. Eat Plenty of Fiber

Fiber helps you to promote bowel movement and protect and protect against any digestive disorders. It helps to get rid of sugar from blood and also prevent the bad bacteria from food in your body. This can be easily to digest all the foods which you eat after having some fiber in your diet in a day.

2. Stay Hydrated

How to fix poor digestion

Our body depends on intake of our water to survive. Every cell, tissues and organs needs water to work properly. If you didn’t drink lots of water then you may have suffer constipation in your stomach.

Water can also be present in the fruits. Eat high water content fruits like oranges, carrot, apple etc. Also you take vegetables with some high water content like cucumber, grapefruit, tomatoes etc.

Experts recommended drink water at least 3 Litres may be enough per day. Most of the people drink water above the experts recommendation and they drink 5 to 6 Litres per day which is absolutely good for better digestion improvement.

3. Eat Fewer Foods in Night

It is proven that if you eat lots of foods including lot of carbohydrates then your body may suffer to poor digestion. Dinner is also an important meal, which must never be skipped. But the thing is: the earlier you finish your dinner, the better the result is.

Your digestive system didn’t get that much effort to digest the food which you are eaten on night. Eating a lavish dinner at night, may get you a fa lot of fat and also slow your digestion.

So, make sure you eat less on dinner so that your digestion is good and you take every nutrients what you eat.

4. Chew Properly Your Food

Eating food with proper chewing is a best way to improve digestion of foods. It makes very easier for digestive system to not get extra effort to make digest the foods. It helps you to digest the foods in proper way and provide you all the nutrients from the foods.

5. Don’t Eat Lot of Junk Food

Junk foods can slow your digestion because of present lot of saturated fat in there. If you eat lots of junk foods then it can slow your digestion. After that, some times later when you eat other foods then your body cannot digest your foods in a proper manner because you already had an junk food in your stomach that your body cannot digest.

And then, you provide another food into your stomach then obviously your body cannot digest the food in proper way and you face some problems like constipation. So, don’t eat lot of junk food it can reduce your digestion power.

6. Best Nutrients For Poor Digestions

Digestive system is refer to absorb all the nutrient from your foods so that they can be use in your body to keep your body fit, healthy and feel energetic. There are some nutrients which can fix your poor digestion in your body :

1. Magnesium

One of the best essential nutrient for our health and also for digestion. Magnesium found in all plant based food like nuts, grains, legumes, some vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas.

If you choose organic way to eat foods then it is far better than to choose simple non organic food. Organic ensures that your foods having best quality minerals content and are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides etc which is really good for your body.

2. Zinc

Zinc is a best mineral for healthy gut, and if any one have deficiency of zinc can offer to various gastrointestinal problems. Recommendation of Zinc on daily intake for men is 11 mg and for women is 8 mg.

Some certain nutrients are very necessary for healthy and better digestion power. Ensuring that your body gets good amount of probiotics. But zinc may improve your digestion power and have some better result after you eat foods.

3. Selenium

Selenium is a mineral which can increase your gut’s inflammation. If a person having lack of selenium would face a problem which is is over inflammation, increasing stress leading to damage to the lining of gut which generally causes leaky gut.

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