How to Detoxify our body from Pollution

Air Pollution damage our lungs as well as it affecting our Brain Power. As we know that, staying healthy is our first priority then we should must follow the healthy tips to live a healthy lifestyle. Air pollution harmful for your lungs and it is gives a similar effect as a pack of cigarettes in one day. In today’s lifestyle, Heart patient are high in number. Usually lot of people think that those who take lot of tension in their life should suffer heart problems.

Well to some extent this is true but not fully true because lot of people who suffer heart problem they are actually causes from air pollution. It is possible that some of the people think that what i talk about it but that’s true because air pollution can cause us from many disease. Well this a problem of over world wide but in-spite of this the good thing is that if now we should follow some of the best steps to take care of our self then it will be good for our healthy lifestyles.

Moreover, long time exposure to the air pollution can even lead to other chronic lungs disease. We know that this is impossible to avoid exposure to the harmful air when you go outdoor from your home. But you can take some small steps to cure your body or detoxify your body :


Take 1 glass of Water then add 1 Lemon, 1 Ginger and small pinch Turmeric Powder . Thereafter, mix them well and Drink it on when you wake up first in the morning. Lemon, ginger, turmeric are high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and also detoxifying benefits that help gently cleanse and alkalize our body. The best thing i have felt that this is a great immune system booster.


We all know that Lemon is a citrus acid and it is an detox ingredients which helps to prevent and remove toxic from our body. Lemon water helps to prevent toxic made in our body in day to day lifestyle.

It helps to improve our digestion power and also balance our PH Level. Citrus acid present in lemon helps to give power to our liver that’s why our body is capable to fight against harmful toxics made in our body.


Well we all know that, Ginger’s are very bitter in tastes. It work magically for improve digestion power and reduce the anxiety. It is enemy for all the germs and toxic elements present in our body and best for removing the coughs in our body. With all the spices and medicines, Ginger is used in both the cases in all over the world.

Ginger is well known to cure for their Respiratory disorder as well as Digestive Disorders. That is why, Ginger is always a better option to detoxify in your body first thing in the morning.


Water is one of the easy and the best source of level up our healthy lifestyle. Drink water daily at least 8 glass of water is compulsory for our body. Drink lot of water in our daily routine can increase the metabolism in your body and can also increase the digestion power of our body. You will be surprised that Luke Warm Water can increase your looks of your face. So, drink lot of water can reduce the toxic in your body.

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